Business Establishment

“Truly establishing a successful business requires a proper framework.”

Business Establishment at Piton-Gillespie

At Piton Gillespie Berne we understand it is not enough to just bring a company into existence: we know that our clients need to truly establish their businesses in a new jurisdiction to be fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

Creating a corporate entity is just the tip of the iceberg. When we help you establish your business we accompany you in thinking through scenarios of the future. We want you to have proper legal foundations for your business. Simple, straightforward questions – What do you want to do? What are your resources with which to do it? – can have a significant effect on how you provide for tax, hiring and removal of employees, shareholder relations, commercial contracts, dispute resolution, and a myriad of other legal issues.

Not planning in advance for such questions can have significant consequences later.

Particular challenges arise when a business is being established in a foreign jurisdiction. While many businessmen have a firm, instinctive feeling for the workings of corporate law in their home countries, these reflexes can be misleading when transplanted abroad. For example, while a French société anonyme is similar in concept to a US corporation, the devil is in the details. The roles of directors, managers, employees, shareholders, must all be not just translated, but understood properly in a new context. The same applies to all domains of law governing commercial business, from labor law to distribution agreements, and from contract negotiations to corporate governance. Piton Gillespie Berne will help you fully understand the implications of those differences for your business and help make your venture a success from the beginning.

Whether you are starting your first company, expanding your operations domestically, or taking your business global, beginnings are a delicate time. We have developed a special retained-services package for our clients, providing continuous service for the first six months after business creation, to ensure that you will not put a step wrong as your business finds its feet. Please contact us to find out more about our business establishment services and how Piton Gillespie Berne can help you truly establish your business.

Contact: James Gillespie