Corporate Counsel

“Regular corporate counsel allows you to avoid risks before they are over the horizon.”

Corporate Counsel at Piton Gillespie

Our corporate counsel service is a means of making our firm available throughout the life of your company. We play many roles: trusted advisor, risk assessor, company secretary, compliance officer and business consultant, as well as simply a source of legal knowledge. We will deal with whatever arises, from the good things – great hires, new contracts – to the day-to-day – recalcitrant suppliers, employee problems – as well as the more difficult issues, when they inevitably arise.

Our service gives you the peace of mind that you know exactly who to call at a time of emergency, whether during office hours or at two o’clock in the morning. For transatlantic businesses in particular, you may have a central legal department in your home country, but need foreign counsel familiar with the particular characteristics and realities of a new legal environment.  We are available to provide you that security.

We assist our corporate counsel clients as and when needed to identify and understand legal issues on an ongoing basis, enabling them to be proactive in their legal strategies. You should not be forced to react to situations once they are out of hand, but rather be in a position to nip issues in the bud before they develop into expensive conflicts.

We believe our retained corporate counsel service is the most cost-effective way for a business to develop a proactive, preventative legal culture. The pay-off of a long-term relationship is quicker service, more reliable advice, and reduced legal costs. In essence, as a client you will have effective cutting-edge legal practices built into the core of your operations, while reducing overall legal budgets.

Please contact James Gillespie to get the process started and to develop a scope of work and service structure that best fits your business. We look forward to commencing our relationship with you.

Contact: James Gillespie