EU Practice


EU Practice

Piton Gillespie Berne is specialized in European Community law, through its office in Brussels. Its clients include large, medium and small businesses as well as public or quasi-public entities requiring institutional and regulatory expertise in the European Union.

Our firm assists clients in developing useful connections in order to develop their activities in Europe. This network includes the highest levels of legal, political, administrative and media organizations, and we work in close connection with the European commissioners and parliamentarians and their staff, as well as decision makers and opinion-shapers in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Thanks to its experience in the intricacies of European politics and administrative procedures, our firm is able to assist client in identifying sources of financing, developing market intelligence and understanding market opportunities, limitations and competitors for either expanding an existing business in Europe or developping new activities.

The firm also assists in directly defending the image of our clients, both in a legal and institutional context, as well as supporting the development of legislative and institutional strategies for shaping political and regulatory discourse.

Acting with complete transparency, our firm is a registered representative of client interests before the European Commission and the European Parliament.