M&A and Financing

“The most significant moment in the life of a business should also be its best.”

Financing at Piton-Gillespie

Piton-Gillespie’s corporate practice focuses on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, trade sales, corporate financing transactions and corporate restructuring. Our clients include operating companies, private equity firms and other sponsors.

There are three things a client should look for when choosing a law firm for a M&A business event

  • Ensure that the law firm you choose has the technical knowledge for the specialties for the task at hand.  Not every lawyer has the requisite experience. Not every lawyer can do it. James Gillespie, the lead corporate partner at Piton-Gillespie, has spent his entire career practicing it.
  • Ensure the firm you choose has the resources and breadth to do accomplish the tax. M&A draws on all aspects of the law – corporate, labor, environment, regulatory, tax, commercial, financial. Piton-Gillespie draws on a small, trusted network of specialist lawyers to provide expert advice across the spectrum.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of your personal connection with the lawyer you choose. Whether this transaction is a once in a lifetime event or occurs once a year, it is a highly significant moment in your career. The dedication of the attorney managing your particular deal is therefore crucial. You want a lawyer who is going to commit fully to your operation.

At Piton-Gillespie we bring an international standard of M&A practice to a small-firm culture, providing you all of the above. Our in-house resources and network ensures you the level of support you need without the infrastructure expenses of a big firm. And we will give you the assurance that you are dealing at every moment with professions who are personally invested in your transaction’s success.

“Transatlantic” or cross border transactions pose additional challenges. By definition, at least two different systems of law are involved, but also two different business cultures, sets of expectations and styles of negotiation. You and your team will need to be able to navigate this environment within a context that is time-pressured and diplomatically complex.

This is an environment in which Piton-Gillespie flourishes and in which we can truly add value. From experience, we understand the complexities of your transactions, the need for timely support, and the sensitivities of negotiations. We pride ourselves on being able to work behind the scenes to enable you to make your transaction a commercial success.

Contact: James Gillespie  Jgillespie@piton-gillespie.com