Public Affairs & Government Relations

“Strong technical and political support allows you to chart your own course.”

Public Affairs and Government Relations at Piton Gillespie

Piton Gillespie Berne is specialized in commercial law and European and American administrative law.  Its clients include large, medium and small businesses as well as public and quasi-public organizations requiring institutional, regulatory and legal expertise relating to France, the United States or the European Union.

The firm provides its clients detailed and in-depth knowledge of the market, its opportunities, limits and competitors, along with advice as to legal paths for developing an existing business or commencing a new one.

Our practice also assists clients by the use of its network and connections with political and administrative decision makers at all levels, whether in France, the broader EU, or the United States.

We offer our services to those clients that wish to defend their interests directly before public and administrative bodies. These services can take the form of assistance with both legal and institutional image and communication.

The firm also provides the opportunity for our clients to ‘wipe clean the canvas’ with respect to legislative and regulatory matters.

Olivier Piton, head of the US/EU Business and Public Affairs practice area, has worked for years within the French government, including in particular service in the office of the French Prime Minister, as well as in the United States and Brussels.

In France, our attorneys are available for representation with regard to the French administration, Parliament and regulatory agencies.

With respect to the European Union, we can assist in understanding the internal relations of the 28 Member States, and providing contacts with representatives in the Commission and the EU Parliament.

In the US, our approach allows us to defend our clients interest in the legal, financial and political spheres, at both Federal and State level.

We propose a full spectrum of services, including regulatory analysis, consultation, and litigation and transactional assistance.